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Tips to Increase productivity in your office this 2022

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Tips to Increase productivity in your office this 2022:

Office design goes a long way in making sure you are productive in your workplace, be it a home office or company office. Our advice to increase productivity this year would be to invest in some design changes and bring something new to your office space, however if that is above your budget currently, no worries, we can give you some short tips which will help you work with what you have.

Here are five low budget tips that will help you increase your productivity this year:

·        Reduce clutter in your office and on top of your desk

·        Keep your most used and needed items close by

·        Be comfortable

·        Develop a routine and a schedule but constantly change it after some time

·        Have something that inspires or motivates you in your office

1.      Reduce clutter in your office and on top of your desk

An example of a messy office which might decrease overall productivity

Research and studies show that clutter is a sign of creativity, it stimulates some people and actually makes them more productive. However, this is based on personal preference and knowing if you’re more of a clutter person or an organized person. However, it is best, even if you are a clutter person to make sure you organize your clutter, if you’re to pile your papers, pile them indistinct groups, such that bills are on their own pile, same goes for quotation and receipts. There is a thin line between clutter and messiness, it might be a sign of intelligence but some people argue saying its usually a reflection of what’s going on inside your head, meaning messy surroundings usually disorganize the brain in handling information. People who are stimulated by clutter are usually those who work in creative fields. If you’re are the type that performs logical tasks such as accounting and HR, its usually best to have an organized office.


2.      Keep your most used and needed items close by

most used items like staplers must be on top of or near your desk/table

One of the most frustrating things is having your workflow being disturbed by having to look for a stapler that has just went missing or maybe you want to make a quick call whilst jotting something down but your telephone is on the other side of the room. To increase your productivity, it is best you have your most used items on or near your table. Time is money and we don’t want to lose valuable time looking for items in our office. This tip goes hand in hand with the “Reduce clutter” tip, making sure there’s no clutter in the office makes it easier to find stuff.


3.      Be comfortable

Good office chair with excellent lumbar support

This one doesn’t need any explanation or expansion. We all work better and are more productive when we are comfortable. This means investing in items like good office chairs that as good lumbar support. If you’re someone who works on computer daily, make sure you’re directly looking at the screen, not slightly tilted up or down as this might lead to discomfort. Also invest in a good standing desk if you’re someone who’s always sitted. Generally, make sure you invest in good office furniture, good lighting that doesn’t strain your eyes, buy some accessories such as blue-light glasses and monitor stands. Also, the placement of your furniture in your office has to be done in such a way that it resonates with your personal preferences and also what you do.


4.      Develop a routine and a schedule but constantly change it after some time

create schedule and a morning routine

Having a routine and a schedule helps when it comes to time management. Time management is one of the biggest issues that lead to lack or decrease in productivity. Having a nice morning routine will help spice up your day and help you start your day in top notch condition. However, routines and schedules have to be changed and updated at times, as they might reduce creativity due to the fact that they are repetitive but however they are also a good way to teach yourself self-discipline


5.      Have something that inspires or motivates you in your office

Put something that motivates or inspires you

Whenever I feel down or feel tired to do a certain task, I usually look up and read portraits of motivational quotes scattered across the walls of my office. This reminds me of “the dream”, and forces me to keep going. Having something that motivates you in your office will help you keep your morale high at all times. Whether its your family or your dream house or your dream car, just put it somewhere in your office and look at it every time you feel unproductive

2021 was a hard year for most of us if not all of us. With the surge of Covid-19 virus we saw the disruption of traditional workspaces. Everyone around the world started adopting the work from home solution as a way of staying safe. Some businesses also discovered that its much cheaper to have remote workers than to have them come to the office. As more people were now working from home, they started facing problems in terms of productivity and time management. I hope this article helped you, however these are just basic tips from my years of experience in office design and a bit of phycology 😊. Thank you for making it to the end, for that, we’ll give you a free quote and consultation on how to improve your office this year. 👋👋


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