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Our mission

Our mission is to become the biggest infrastructure and architecture development company in Southern Africa with our main focus being on both residential and commercial markets.

We are innovating and turning both residential and commercial spaces into works of art

cosmas masocha, ceo
Creativity and Innovation
We always look for new and better ways to perform our tasks so as to be efficient and effective at all times.
Adaptability to Change
We are quick to recognize change(s) and strive to adapt for the good of the organisation and all our stakeholders.
Passion for Excellence
Consistently have an unflinching desire and actually strive to perform at the best level as well as accomplish the best results by all standards, legitimately.
High Safety Standards
We demonstrate in word and deed that safety of the individual and equipment is as important as actual operations. We will not cut corners to attain production targets at the expense of safety.
We believe that "individual achievement is good, but team accomplishment is better". We go the extra mile to make sure that personal goals feed into the attainment of our goals.
Honesty and Trustworthiness
We exhibit fairness of conduct, ability of performance, and uprightness of character with customers, shareholders, suppliers, the communities we serve, and among ourselves.
About Mokuba Group

We're innovating the way companies reinvent their office spaces and the new
way of residential property development

Cosmas masocha, CEO

Our unique approach to new projects has earned us a loyal customer base, the respect of our peers, as well as the massive growth since our inception.

Our CEO, Cosmas Masocha, has been in the shopfitting, furniture and aluminum industry for more than fifteen years with an impressive portfolio. Ever since The Mokuba Group was born, he has managed to instill the hardworking company culture to each and every employee who has ever walked in and out of our doors.
Due to our superb management and company culture, we have managed to surpass industry standards in every project we take on. Our unique approach to new projects has earned us a loyal customer base, the respect of our peers and competitors and the massive growth since our inception
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