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Reasons why you should consider having an outdoor kitchen in Zimbabwe

Outdoor and Indoor Kitchens

Reasons why you should consider having an outdoor kitchen in Zimbabwe.

Imagine hosting an outdoor dinner party with close family and friends but the hassle of carrying your utensils and other supplies back and forth can cause a lot of frustration. Now imagine having a kitchen where everything is easily accessible at your fingertips and still enjoy your meal under the warm sun or sparkling stars.

First let’s have a better understanding of what an outdoor kitchen is:


What is an outdoor kitchen?

This can be defined as a place located outside the house where one can prepare a meal, cook and easily clean without much hassle. To have a better understanding of what an outdoor kitchen is all about, let’s rewind to the 1600's. This concept started in the western world with the outdoor grills from the West Indies. This concept has continued ever since and it has been adopted by many people all over the years, of course with modern advancement throughout the years.


Why you should consider having an outdoor kitchen.

1.      Good weather

We all know that Zimbabwe is well known for its blue sunny skies, with nice weather throughout the year. Imagine enjoying salads, grilled foods and a nice cold beverage with your family and friends under the warm sun or sparkling stars! This would be a dream come true for idea lists like me.


Furthermore cleaning up after a massive event can be stressful but an outdoor kitchen makes life easier with a quick and effortless clean-up.



2.      Convenience

Many people do not expand on the full potential of outdoor kitchens, they mainly prioritise on having a grill or barbeque island. The modern outdoor kitchen can be expanded to include other cooking appliances such as a pizza oven, flat-top grill and a smoker just to mention a few. An outdoor kitchen can provide easy access to your entire kitchen appliances, food and at the same time get to enjoy the company of your loved ones within the comfort of your kitchen. Be it a small family meal or a weekend party, having an actual well-equipped kitchen is a top priority that most house owners should have.

For families this concept will be ideal for children to play in the playground without worrying about their safety.



3.     Uniqueness

Zimbabwe is predominantly known for lagging behind when it comes to advancement in infrastructure; however outdoor kitchens would be a great concept to adapt into our culture and show our creative side. Outdoor kitchen can significantly increase the value of a home. A study from Absolute Outdoor Kitchens found homes with outdoor kitchens realise an ROI of between 100% and 200% than homes without. Therefore, outdoor kitchens add significant value to the home.



Appliances that can be included when considering an outdoor kitchen

·        Grill

·        Wine and other beverages refrigerator

·        Wood-fired pizza oven

·        Smokers

·        Utility drawers

·        Trash receptacle

·        Dishwasher

·        Sink

·        Dishwasher


What to consider before construction of your outdoor kitchen?


·        Material being used

Each climate has its own unique challenges, which is why weather-proof materials should be taken into consideration. This is important because depending with the material being used it will determine how long your outdoor kitchen will stay intact,therefore it saves cost in the long run. No matter the weather conditions (wet,dry, cold or hot area) the interior designer /contractor will take that into consideration and use the correct material suitable for that specific weather.


·        Availability of Space

The design of the outdoor kitchen should align with the space available. Outdoor kitchen need to be spacious to allow room for movement and flexibility. For instance, it might be wiser to add fewer appliances if the space is small depending with what is used frequently.  


·        Main function and other Uses

Depending on each individual, uses for the outdoor kitchens vary. Some might want it for special functions or just a nice chill with family and friends enjoying gourmet food in the garden over the weekend.Therefore whatever main use you might have in mind will determine the design of your outdoor kitchen.




Modern business with Mokuba Kitchens

With our main business being kitchen and bathrooms we bring warmth and the kitchen spirit into any residential or commercial space we are working on.

We have a team of experts ready to bring your outdoor kitchen ideas to life. You can approach us with your preferred design or our fabulous designers can do it for you.

Click here to look at some of the best outdoor kitchen designs in Pinterest.

For a free quote for your outdoor kitchen click here.

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